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Home Address where Energy Score will be preformed
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  • Participant/Homeowner acknowledges and agrees that full payment for services must be made before receiving the home energy score report. Payment can be made at time of booking online, onsite after the home data is collected, or via online invoice
  • Participant/Homeowner acknowledges and agrees that the home energy score results will be publicly available through the Green Building Registry and used in real estate listings.
  •  Participant/Homeowner acknowledges and agrees that he/she will provide truthful and accurate home information before/during the home energy score assessment
  • Participant/Homeowner authorizes Orion Energy Score, LLC to release to real estate listing services and other parties a home energy score
  • Promotional offers or prices are subject to change without prior notice

Disclaimer/No Liability: 

  • Participant/Homeowner understands that Orion Energy Score does not perform any upgrade or energy efficiency work itself and agrees that he/she waives any right to seek legal recourse against Orion Energy Score for any claims of defective performance of the home energy score assessment.
  • Participant/Homeowner further agrees and acknowledges that Orion Energy Score does not guarantee any level of workmanship or energy savings results from the recommended upgrades on the home energy score report

 Participant Acceptance of Agreement:

Participant/Homeowner Acceptance of Agreement: By scheduling an appointment, Participant/Homeowner affirms he/she has read this Agreement and agrees to comply with and be bound by its terms and conditions. 


  • Meet Your Licensed Home Energy Score Assessor, Amanda! Please make sure there is an adult present to let me in the home. If the home is vacant we’ll need to arrange access in advance
  • I will need access to the attic, crawlspace or basement.  If there is furniture or other obstructions blocking the entrances or hatches to these areas please make sure they are cleared before our scheduled appointment
  • During the assessment I'll be doing a lot of measuring - Measuring the ceiling, conditioned floor area (parts of the home that are heated and/or cooled) and measuring windows
  • I will be taking a look at the insulation under the home, above the home and in the walls
  • The energy efficiency based on type of heating/cooling and hot water system will be calculated
  • When all information has been collected I will enter the data into the US Department of Energy modeling software and the Green Building Registry and provide you with your home energy score. A copy of the report will be emailed to you and/or your realtor.
  • If there are any questions about the score or the results I will take time to go over them with you